Showa SFF Air TAC Fork Setup Simplified!

   With the introduction of the new Showa TAC SFF Air forks I am finding many people having a very hard time getting them setup correctly. This fork is a great step forward in technology and performance but it is much more difficult to setup than a traditional spring fork. A typical rider will not have the privilege of having a whole team dedicated to getting the bike setup right and may find themselves at odds with these new forks. While most suspension tuners will give you a recommended PSI for each chamber that doesn't tell you anything about how the bike is actually postured. Many companies do not measure fork sag because traditionally there was no way to adjust this because you were dealing with a static spring. This has all changed with the advent of SFF and air forks.
   With air forks riders end up chasing arbitrary PSI levels doing lap after lap of testing and find themselves drained before they find the sweet spot. Personally I am old and don't have the energy or patience to do it this way. What is the solution? Set your forks up using the Slacker digital sag scale and see how the fork actually sits with different combinations of pressure in the chambers. By measuring the fork sag you provide yourself a starting point that is easily verified by taking a measurement. This gives you a solid baseline to start from and gets you in the zone so you can fine tune from there saving time and energy.
   The Slacker digital sag scale is the only purpose built tool that was developed to be used on SFF and air forks as well as shocks. It is also the most accurate way to take measurements on both the forks and the front and rear of your bike. Simply stick it on the front axle, place the clip on the front plate and hook the slacker cable to the clip. You can then easily take measurements with or without a helper.  It can be difficult to find someone who has hours to spend taking measurements for you so being able to do testing and setup by yourself and on your own schedule is a blessing. We have all the recommended sag settings for both forks and shocks listed in our user guide which is included with every Slacker and available online here- Slacker User Guide
Set it and Shred it!